The Health Promotion team are running a survey among professionals regarding our Drug & Alcohol Workers Group. We are always looking to improve the group so that it has the most value for its attendants.
Please take a few minutes to have a look at the questions below and leave your comments on how best you feel we could maximise our time at the DAWG meetings.

* 1. Name and/or Organisation (Optional)

* 2. What time is most convenient time for you to attend a meeting?

* 3. Would you be better able to attend a meeting once a month for an hour, or once every 2 months for 2 hours?

* 4. Is the Friends Meeting House a convenient location?

* 5. Would it be convenient for you to attend the DAWG if it was hosted at Pavilions main office, Richmond House?

* 6. What do you enjoy about the DAWG meetings?

* 7. What could be improved about the DAWG meetings?

* 8. Considering the DAWG mailing list do you feel you receive:

* 9. Please feel free to leave any additional comments and/or suggestions...