Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions below. In our experience this can really help to understand what support is required and focus this support to enable you to get the best outcome.

* 1. Please enter your contact details to include name, email and contact number(s)

* 2. Please describe the work you would like support with from the team.

* 3. What would you like to achieve?

* 4. How can we help you achieve this?

* 5. What is the driver/need for this work?

* 6. Do you have a structure for this work and what does it look like?

* 7. How much time and over what time period do you envisage is needed for this work?

* 8. Do you need any administrative support with your work request?

* 9. When, ideally would you like this work to start?

* 10. A face to face conversation will be required to discuss this work at least 2 weeks before the start date. What is the name and contact details of the person who would be able to do this?