About THE AUDIENCE FRIEND (previously called Helen's list)

Helen has worked in the arts for over 20 years.  She cares A LOT about creating new opportunities for all sorts of people to enjoy, experience and access the best arts and culture out there.  Traditionally the arts is enjoyed by quite a small elite group of people and Helen's passion is changing this.  

In 2017 she started to develop her own contact list of people so that she could find and offer them a range of good ticket deals and information about things that are happening that otherwise they might miss.  The idea is that she will seek out good art and ticket deals for the people on this contact list.  Everyone on the list can also help by telling friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.  This way the arts become fairer and we all get to share the fun.   At the same time Helen also contacts new groups, charities and individuals that are't getting the best out of the arts and invites them to join the list too. 

Your contact details will NEVER EVER be given to anyone else and you can opt out of receiving emails at any time.   Part of our purpose at THE AUDIENCE FRIEND is in highlighting what the audience are saying and giving them more of a voice, so please feedback to use when you go to one of our shows - we're on insta @Theaudiencefriend, Twitter @helenrball or send us an email helenrball@gmail.com.  We love photos of who you went with too! 

If you would like to join please answer the following questions.    These help me know more about who and where you are and I'll use this information confidentially to help me make good decisions about which venues and events to target to get deals for you. 

If you have any questions at all or want to get in touch email me anytime at helenrball@gmail.com

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* 1. How often do you go to the theatre?

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* 2. How did you find out about Helen's list?

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* 3. What is your postcode?  (Useful for me so  I know your approx. journey time and can also check whether I'm offering out these deals fairly across the different London boroughs and Essex). 
Please write all 7 digits.

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* 4. What age group are you in?  (I want to be attracting a wide range of ages to my list so this helps me see if I am)

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* 5. Which ethnic group do you identify as?

(the arts in the UK are dominated by white audiences, part of the reason I set up Helen's list is to make arts audiences more representative of the actual population so answering this question is really important to me.  I believe that people of all ethnicities should have the opportunity to access great arts & culture.  )

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* 6. Do you consider yourself to have a disability or life limiting illness that affects your daily life?  (again people who are disabled are less likely to access the arts and I would like to help change this)

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* 7. What is the most memorable arts experience you've ever had? 

Please tick any boxes that apply and add any more info you can think of  in the comments box 

(Absolutely no right or wrong answers here, this is purely to help me get a sense of what people have enjoyed, seen before or maybe you have nothing to tell me and that is fine too)

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* 8. Finally please add your name and contact details.  I mostly send information via email. 

Sometimes I get last minute offers in that are easier to communicate via text and/or whatsapp. If you would like to get these please also add your number below.  

If you are connected to or represent a group or charity or network please add their name here too. 

Thanks so much and look forward to being in touch :)

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* 9. If there is anything else you would like to tell me please write it here.  If you are on instagram please also add your @address