A few questions about you and Badminton

We would like to ask you questions about your coaching and how Sussex County Badminton can best support you? All responses are anonymous.

* 1. How long have you been coaching Badminton?

* 2. Are you registered as a coach with Badminton England?

* 3. What coaching level have you achieved?

* 4. In which parts of Sussex do you coach?

* 5. In a typical week how many hours do you coach?

* 6. Which of the following types of coaching do you undertake and how often?

  Never Occasionally Regularly
Adult - Recreational
Adult - Club
Adult - Elite (county team standard)
Junior - Recreational
Junior - Club
Junior - Elite (county team standard)
Senior - Recreational
Seniors - Club
Seniors - Elite (County Vets Level)
1 to 1's

* 7. How aware are you of the activities of Sussex County Badminton?

* 8. How could Sussex County Badminton best assist you in your coaching?

  Not Important Important Most Important
Organising coaching courses / workshops
Providing online forum for coaches
Providing child welfare advice
Providing details of coaching opportunities / vacancies
Providing discounted equipment e.g. Shuttles

* 9. What do you feel are the biggest 3 barriers to Badminton participation in Sussex?

* 10. What are the top 3 ways in which you believe Sussex County Badminton can help grow participation?

* 11. Do you plan to improve your level of coaching qualification in the next 12 months?