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This survey is designed to enable you to respond to the pre-submission consultation. You are invited to respond to each question through multiple choice and you can also choose to comment on each policy if you wish. There is a section at the end for general comments.
Our Neighbourhood Plan has been created by our community. Local people and businesses have indicated what kind of place  the villages in Chesil Bank Parish  should be and how change should be managed to ensure that our way of life is preserved whilst meeting future needs.
The Plan has at its heart a shared vision for the protection and development of the Parish that reflects our values, hopes and needs today, and into the future, until 2032. It has given us an opportunity to create policies that will shape the places where we live and work. If and when it is agreed, the Chesil Bank Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the statutory development plan for our area.
We are happy to receive comments from anyone who lives, works or has an interest in the area.

Please make sure you return this form by 20/06/2022 at the very latest, either online, at one of the Drop-in Sessions, handing it to your Village Representative or by email to info@vision4chesil.org

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* 1. Please indicate your interest in the Chesil Bank Neighbourhood Plan