Metered data usage

This survey is about metered data connection handling from laptops and desktops (not mobile phones). It is for anyone who has used a laptop or desktop in the last year. Some questions are only relevant if you have used a metered data connection, but other questions are relevant to everyone. Some questions are only relevant to laptops or desktops using GNOME, but most questions are relevant to laptops or desktops running any operating system (including Windows and macOS).

A metered data connection is an internet connection which has a data limit or per-data charge associated with it. A typical example would be a 4G contract for a phone, where the total amount downloadable in a month is limited to 1GB. Another example would be a MiFi device or internet cafe providing an internet connection which charges for data usage at £1 per gigabyte.

The responses to this survey will be used to improve GNOME’s metered connection handling. Responses are anonymous and may be shared individually or in aggregate form with GNOME developers and other free software developers.

Mobile phones have different use cases and behaviour, so we are not interested in data for them. Likewise, metered connections continually change, so we are only interested in data from the last year.

Contact: Philip Withnall <>

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* 1. Have you used a laptop or desktop on a metered connection in the last year?

Question Title

* 2. When given the option of using a metered connection with your laptop or desktop in the last year, which of the following have you done?

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