* 1. What was your basic salary 12 months ago?

* 2. What were your annual on-target earnings 12 months ago?

* 3. What is your basic salary?

* 4. What are your current annual anticipated on-target earnings?

* 5. Which job title best applies to you?

* 6. Choose up to three sectors with which you have experience in sales.

* 7. How many years have you worked in sales/business development?

* 8. Has your sales team grown in the last 12 months?

* 9. What non-financial benefit is of most importance to you?

* 10. What is the main motivator to consider leaving your current job?

Thank you for taking part in the Greenhill Recruitment sales survey. Everyone who completes the survey will automatically be entered into a draw to win £50.00 worth of Amazon vouchers! Keep an eye out for our survey and prize winner results - we'll be releasing details on both soon.