Purpose of the project

SGTO is seeking to help rebuild connections, strengthen relationships, and help improve the health and wellbeing of older people

To support older people, increase their connections to the community and their health and wellbeing


Working in partnership with Community Southwark’s Older People’s Network, SGTO would like to learn from past initiatives such as the Connecting at Christmas project and build on the existing work of TRAs to support Senior Citizens on your estates and streets.

This partnership will depend entirely on what activities that the older people on the estates and street properties would want to be involved in.

Consultation – sharing knowledge

It is likely that some tenants and residents’ groups may have already been consulting with their senior citizens in their neighbourhoods on how they have coped during the lockdown and post-Covid. Others may have thought about supporting their senior citizens to connect more to their community but are not sure how to proceed or may not have funding to be able to do that.  

Please email info@sgto.co.uk if you have any particular projects you would like to share with us.


This partnership intends to work with interested TRAs to develop a range of options to help support older people, increase their connections to the community and their health and wellbeing. The options may range from one off events and projects to regular activities delivered by the TRA or another organisation, sharing targeted information and securing funding.

Question Title

* 1. Please write the name of your Estate and/or Tenants and Residents Association (TRA)

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* 2. Are you interested in setting up activities or developing existing activities for older people on your estate or streets?

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* 3. If yes, which issues or options most interest you at this stage:

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* 4. What kind of activities do you think older people on your estates / streets would be interested in or would you like to get involved in providing?

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* 5. Many TRAs already run activities for older people and your expertise to guide or help others would be great. Would you be willing to help develop a task and finish project to help set this up?

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* 6. If you are already running activities, would you like to explore other opportunities, possibly for larger funds?

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* 7. If you have never organised activities before, would you like to organise one as a taster?

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* 8. If you answered 'yes' to questions 4,5 and 6, please provide the following information in the below text box: your full name and your email address or contact number. This is so we can contact you about the task and finish project.

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* 9. Finally, what do you think older people on your estates would like to achieve by taking part in these activities?

Deadline for responses is the 5th November.