We have had a number of enquiries recently about when we will be running our next public Advanced ScrumMaster class. This class is NOT a certified class. Instead we have a free agenda to focus on the deeper, more subjective skills that make great ScrumMasters. We have decided to run this class on a “pull” basis i.e. rather than schedule a course and try and get enough people to fill it, we will wait until there is enough interest in one particular area of the country and THEN schedule the class.

Therefore we want to capture a bit of information about interest levels in one central place. Rest assured we have no interest in collecting your details to spam you - we haven’t got enough time to do that! :-)

Course Details

Come, play and learn how to become an even better ScrumMaster! This two-day workshop explores and develops the skills necessary to become a highly effective ScrumMaster and to build a high performing team. Building upon the foundational CSM course, this course will move you more towards a professional level, allowing you to realise more of the untapped potential of you and your team. The trainers will draw on all of their experiences coaching teams and mentoring ScrumMasters to highlight the common success and failure modes and, as with all of our courses, it is highly interactive and fun.

SEUs: This course qualifies as 16 Scrum Educational Units (SEUs) toward the 70 required to become a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) awarded by Scrum Alliance Inc.

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* 6. We would like to inform you when we launch this course. Please add your details if you would like us to contact you with information on how to book.