Southwick Neighbourhood Plan Draft Questionaire

A neighbourhood plan gives the community some control over what happens in Southwick over many years. This is the first time such a power has been available. A neighbourhood plan cannot block all development, but it can help control it. A neighbourhood plan can also result in more money coming into the community for spending on local infrastructure and facilities. We need to know what you want in order to deliver a plan that meets your needs.

You can view the Draft Objectives and Vision of the Neighbourhood plan here

* 1. What do you like about living in Southwick?

* 2. What do you dislike most about living in Southwick?

* 3. Facilities (e.g. shops/transport/recreation etc).

* 4. Is it important to maintain a separate village identity (including physical separation) from Trowbridge?

* 5. Should new housing be provided in Southwick (please tick as appropriate)

* 6. The following sites have been put forward to Wiltshire Council in the SHELAA for consideration and have found to be suitable in principle. Please circle each one of of 10 in terms of whether you think it suitable for Southwick (with 1 being totally unsuitable and 10 being perfectly suitable).

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
3153 Land North West of Frome Road (1.05ha, 37 houses)
3271 Land at Blind Lane (19.13ha, 100, maximum 520 houses)
3368 Fairfield Farm (Site 1) (19.57ha,maximum 588 houses)
3369 Fairfield Farm (Site 2) (5.98ha, maximum 183 houses)
3370 Site ST8354 / 5281 (13.08ha, maximum 399 houses)
3371 Land between Lewis Court and Berryfield Farm (0.487ha, maximum 18 houses)
3519 Land rear of 6a Frome Road (0.29ha, maximum 13 houses)
3565 Land South of Trowbridge / 'Southwick Court' (HSAP H2.6) (18.18ha, 180, maximum 482 houses)

* 7. Are there any other sites you would like to suggest (any suggestions must be accompanied by a certified land ownership plan and written confirmation from the landowner that the site is available for development. Sites without this information cannot be considered)?

* 8. How important are the following issues to you? Please rate out of 10 by circling one number in each line only.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Protecting the landscape and rural setting of Southwick
Protecting wildlife
Providing housing, including for first time buyers
Upgrading local facilities and services?
Protecting historic buildings and heritage
Improving public transport
Other transport issues
Making sure any new houses is of good design quality
Reducing flooding

* 9. Please suggest any other issues you think a neighbourhood plan should cover or any other ideas or comments you have

* 10. Please add you name, address and e-mail. We need these in order to keep you informed as the plan progresses (for example we or Wiltshire Council may use these to contact you about the referendum). Please note all response forms may be published and will be in the public domain.