We want to improve how we manage the Estate Upgrading budget to make sure that tenants, tenant groups and Elected Members have more say on how the budget is used.  We would like to hear your views about the changes we are proposing

How we currently manage the Estate Upgrading budget

As part of our Estate Management Policy, estate walkabouts should take place every 6 months and help identify environmental improvements to council housing estates.

We have an estate upgrade budget contained within our annual housing investment programme.  This is structured to allow tenants, staff and Elected Members to influence the type of estate upgrades that are funded from the budget.  This is how the budget is broken down:

·        the Tenant’s Forum receives £50,000 for their identified projects,

·        each area housing team gets £25,000 for theirs; and

·        the remaining budget is used by our Capital Programmes Team who also identify their own estate upgrade programmes.

Why we want to change how we manage the Estate Upgrading budget

When we have reviewed how the budget has been spent in recent years, it showed that the Capital Programmes Team have been driving forward most of the estate upgrade programmes.  The influence of tenants, tenant groups and Elected Members to shape these improvements is less than was intended.  This is not what was envisaged when the Estate Management Policy was developed.

Discussions with key staff and the Moray Tenants’ Forum revealed a lack of clarity and coordination about the environmental audits and the improvement programmes that flow from these.

The following short survey gives more detail on the changes we are proposing and asks whether you agree with our proposals. The questions contain links that will open a new tab which will give you more information.