Welcome to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust survey

This survey is being conducted by The Cystic Fibrosis Trust as part of our Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform and we thank you for taking part. Your feedback is valuable and will help us continue to increase access & opportunity for research for everyone with CF.  The survey is anonymous - we only ask you to identify your CF Centre so that results can be shared with them.  This year, the survey will form the starting point of a process that we can repeat year-on-year to monitor the impact of our work improving opportunities for people with CF.

Please have a look at the survey – it should take no longer than 10 minutes and you can return to the questions if you cannot complete it in one session. 
The following questions relate to participation in a clinical trial and/or a research study. A clinical trial generally involves taking a new type of medication (tablet, nebuliser, inhaler) for a certain amount of time to see if it is effective and safe.

A research study will not involve taking a new medication, but it may involve trying out a new form of physiotherapy or undertaking a new exercise regime for a certain amount of time to see if it is effective and safe.

For both types of research you would undergo additional ‘research’ visits to your CF centre to monitor your health and complete questionnaires as part of the study. For the purpose this survey, previous completion of one-off questionnaires also counts as participation in a clinical trial or research study. 

Please complete the survey if you have taken part in research via any of the above methods.