The IFoA Cyber Risk Working Party would like to improve its understanding of the interests and needs of the wider industry when considering cyber risk. This short 5-minute questionnaire is targeted at the actuarial community but we welcome responses from other industry professionals who are interested in or working in cyber security / cyber insurance.

The questionnaire is designed to help the working party better understand:
  • who is engaging in the industry cyber discussion and to what capacity;
  • what concerns are front of mind; and
  • where we as a working party can focus our efforts to help provide the most useful output.

We are looking to gain an understanding of general market viewpoints and are not asking individuals to specifically comment in relation to the company they work for.  Regardless, we are not collecting any information that could link a response back to either an individual or company.

The final question, Q15, provides you with the opportunity to add additional comments for shaping the future work of the IFoA Cyber Risk working party.

We aim to summarise and publish key findings from this survey.  We will treat all individual responses with confidentiality and any insights shared will be at an aggregated level. 

Thank you in advance for your time in helping shape the work of the IFoA Cyber Risk Working Party.