Thanks for your support! We're looking forward to meeting you and if you are joining us for training, that will hopefully be very soon! Please submit your details here - note: your free ticket to join the Crew Team will be supplied direct from Total Warrior as soon as we have qualified and uploaded your registration. Please double check you have suppled a correct email for this purpose!

Your Privacy - Crew 2000 Scotland (Crew) and event associate GreatCauses.Scot (GCS) take your privacy seriously. The data you supply for Qs 1-5, 8 and 16 is passed directly to Total Warrior for the purpose of event registration and is subject to Total Warriors privacy policy and terms and conditions, otherwise nothing is shared with any external party by Crew or GCS. Please ensure you see Total Warriors policy documents. Your contact profile is held securely by Crew and GreatCauses.Scot for the purpose of organising and supporting your participation in Total Warrior. Registering your details here indicates your agreement with these and Total Warrior's terms and your consent for you data to be held by us and passed to Total Warrior as detailed. Contact if you have any queries or concerns about your contact data, additionally we will ask periodically if you are happy for us to continue to hold your data and receive event information from us.

* 1. Your details: these are required by Total Warrior and will only be used for registration. Additionally Crew will use your mobile and email to reach you to organise training and provide joining instructions.

* 2. Emergency Contact: this is only used by Total Warrior

* 3. Do you have any medical conditions? 

* 4. T-shirt size

* 5. Your age on the day of entry:

* 6. Are you interested in the new Total Warrior events this year or helping Crew in other ways? Volunteering at the event raises more money for Crew and the volunteer team always seem to have a lot of fun! If you have juniors, confirm here also.

* 7. Which day do you prefer to run? The main Crew Team is running 10am Sunday, but if you can't manage this we will run a Saturday Team also - please give your availability, wave times are not guaranteed by Total Warrior:

* 8. Have you entered Total Warrior before?

* 9. Is there anyone you think we should reach out to? Maybe you a colleague or friend, but please let them know we'll send some info!

* 10. Will you be training with the Crew Team? This is free, approximately weekly training provided by Executive Fitness Foundation along with socially organised sessions.