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Fill in the form to enter the Creative Lives Awards before 11:59pm, Tuesday 31 August 2021.
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The application form involves providing some simple contact details and eligibility criteria and we'll ask for a photo. The only thing you might want to think about before starting your application are two 500 word (maximum) questions: an overview of the project and why your project deserves to win a Creative Lives Award.

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  • How did it start? How was it funded?
  • What happened? Who was involved? Where did it take place?
  • What was great about your initiative from your perspective and/or that of your participants/audience?
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* 4. How did your initiative support one or more of the following qualities?
  • Engagement: Who volunteered their time to make it happen? What did they do?
  • Partnership: Which other volunteers or organisations got involved? How did you all work together?
  • Innovation: Did volunteers work in a different way or try something new?
  • Creative development: How did the activity help volunteers develop their creativity?
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