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The Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) have commissioned a scoping study with the aim to develop a sustainable business model for, an independent industry-led representative body for the Digital and Creative Industries in Northern Ireland. As a business operating in the sector, your views and opinions are valuable and vitally important, therefore, we'd appreciate your response. This survey will take no more than 5 minutes to complete. 

The overarching objective of the representative body will be to set out ideas in the areas of skills, markets and funding, linking member businesses with other private sector businesses, local government, EU, investors, researchers and academia, exploring new ways to exploit market and research opportunities that will result in the development of new products, processes and services.

It is envisaged that the proposed body will focus on the key challenges and constraints of creative and digital companies, large and small.  They include challenges in skills, access to new markets and access to available funding.  Skills are in the limelight, but this is not purely about the supply of skills; we also need to drive, and continue to drive, demand.  The creative and digital sector is small but continues to grow rapidly, which makes it very difficult for everyone to keep up. There exists an opportunity for galvanising the sector by developing a sustainable industry-led sector representative body. This will act as a catalyst for networking, shared experiences and knowledge, business collaboration and joint commercial activities. Most of the companies in the sector are small and would benefit from a supportive network.

Thank you for participating in the survey. Your feedback is important.
If you have any queries please contact:
Clare McGee
T: 028 71264242