1. Please let us know how has your experience been as a Special Needs family in Hull during lockdown

Hull Parent Carer Forum would like to find out your views and experiences over the last few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that this is an unprecedented and scary time for families and presents many different challenges. We would like to know how you feel various services are supporting you during this difficult time.

We would also like to know how the Forum can help you in the future and what you feel are priorities to improve your lives as SEND families living in Hull.

Please complete this if you are a Hull family (with a Hull postcode or a Hull GP) with a child or young person 0-25 with any special education needs or disabilities.

If you have more than one child with SEND, please fill free to fill this survey in again if your responses are very different for each child.

Thank you for your time. Together our voices are stronger.

For further information about the Forum, to sign up or any other questions please contact Hullparentsforum@hotmail.com