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Thank you very much for agreeing to give us your feedback on COUNTER Release 5. We have been asked to collect feedback on Release 5, and to find out how it has been to implement, whether it has achieved its aims, and what uses people are making of it. This will inform and guide COUNTER’s future development.

We would be very grateful if you could coordinate a response on behalf of your organisation, or delegate it to somebody who will do that. Please note that you can save your responses part way through and continue later. You can download PDFs of the questions for content providers, intermediaries and libraries & consortia for reference.

Please note that there are a couple of issues that we are not asking about here. We know that methods of dealing with consortia data have been requested, and in response an R5 harvester has recently been implemented, and COUNTER is collaborating with CC-Plus  on a solution for larger consortia. Also, a separate project is currently under way looking at distributed usage logging.

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* 1. In what country is your organisation's headquarters?

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* 2. Could you please let us know whether you are a provider or consumer of COUNTER reports?

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