Social Media and Customer Satisfaction Survey

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100% of survey complete.

First of all, I want to thank you for being one of our valued customers.

I want to ensure that we always serve you as best as we can and so I’d appreciate it if you’d take a few minutes to answer a couple questions on Social Media and a couple of questions about the way we deal with you.

This information will be used to evaluate our level of customer satisfaction and help us plan our service offering for the future.

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey

Steve Norman

PS Please note that as part of our Data Protection policy, we will not attribute this information to any individual when collating the results of this survey

* 1. Which Social Media Sites do you use?

* 2. Which Social Media Sites would you like to see Cotswold Mounts using?

* 3. What sort of things would you like Cotswold Mounts to talk about on Social Media

Now, here’s your opportunity to let us know what you think of Cotswold Mounts

* 4. Thinking about your recent orders and quality of service you have received from us recently, how did we fare?

* 5. If you indicated Unsatisfactory or Extremely unsatisfactory, please could you tell us what happened?

* 6. When we introduce new products or services, how would you prefer us to let you know about them? (Tick just one box please.)

* 7. What do you most like about Cotswold Mounts?

* 8. What do you least like about Cotswold Mounts?

* 9. If there were one thing that Cotswold Mounts could do differently / better to help your business, what would it be?