Please provide contact details for your team - co-founding teams should have at least 2 members and a maximum of 4 to join the Co-Founders Core programme.

* 1. Contact details - Team Member 1

* 2. Contact details - Team Member 2

* 3. Contact details - Team Member 3

* 4. Contact details - Team Member 4

* 5. Name of team/company/product

* 6. Tell us why you want to join the Co-Founder Core programme?  (Please answer in less than 200 words)

* 7. Do you already have a product/service or an idea for a product/service?

* 8. If you're not currently working on a product, tell us about a project you worked on together as a team?  This could include academic work, a side project or significant experience within industry? (please answer in less than 200 words)

* 9. To help us improve our marketing, please tell us how you heard about the Co-Founders programme.  Please tick all the apply.

Thank you for completing the application process, interviews will take place week commencing 17th September and teams will have to showcase their product idea or domain expertise as a team.  All teams will be contacted with further details.