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The Parish Council wants to have greater influence over the planning and delivery of future developments within Copdock and Washbrook. To do this we must put in place our own Local Neighbourhood Plan, based on the views of residents together with professional evidence. We need to know in what kind of village you see yourself living and handing on to future generations. By completing this questionnaire, you will provide vital information for incorporation in local planning and development policies, and the production of our own Plan to safeguard the long-term future of our village.

The questionnaire can be completed by all occupants of the village over the age of 16. If you would like assistance there will be a drop-in-clinic in the Village Hall – Saturday 27 April 10:00 -12:00.

There are 19 questions in total spread across 6 sections. You may need to click "OK" or "Next" to advance to the next set of questions. Thank you for your help!

CLOSING DATE - Sunday 5th May 2019.

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* 1. Which age group are you in? Please tick one box.

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* 2. Please tell us about your current home? Please tick one box

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* 3. Is this your primary residence?

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* 4. Please provide your Copdock and Washbrook postcode in the box.

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