General Information 

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* 1. Your organisation's name

* 2. If your organisation is a registered charity, please provide your registered charity number (for example SC000001)

* 3. What is the structure of your organisation?

* 4. Are you aware of the Voluntary Code for Social Enterprise in Scotland?
Click here to see the Code.

* 5. Do you follow the Code?

* 6. What size is your organisation by income?

* 7. How many paid members of staff does your organisation employ?
Please note that your must enter your response in whole numbers, e.g. 11, not eleven.

* 8. Does your organisation have a policy to pay the Living Wage Foundation living wage?

* 9. Which area(s), does your organisation work in?

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* 10. We are interested in speaking to new organisations emerging in the sector- was your organisation set up and started delivering services in the last 2 years?