The BHA Community Chest gives access to grants of up to £250 to pay for training courses, clothing and membership that might not be affordable otherwise which supports BHA’s Community Regeneration Objective: Tenancy Sustainability: Support People into Employment. 

Barrhead Housing Association have extended this and consider making a hardship fund payment to tenants ‘provide urgent and tangible financial support to those Barrhead Housing  tenants who need it, and cannot access it through other provision’.   

Financial awards will be made taking account of the size of the household and nature of the hardship being experienced.

This is a fund of last resort, therefore evidence of exploring other potential solutions should be given. You must outline what other options have been explored and discounted. This may include the Scottish Welfare Fund, a Crisis Grant, or other local hardship and emergency funds.

Who is the grant aimed at?
•        Tenants of Barrhead Housing

Who can complete an application?
•        A Tenant Over 16
•        A parent, teacher, social services, doctor, carer, council employee

What can we fund?
Urgent and tangible support may take many forms in these unprecedented times. Creative solutions are welcomed; funding is for support which assists people to feel more in control of the situation they find themselves in and for items which will improve the mental as well as physical wellbeing of individuals. Examples include:
•        Fees for clubs, classes or membership
•        Education such as evening classes, courses or extra tuition
•        Skills development related activities
•        Clothing for a specific event or need e.g. a job interview, winter coat, shoes
•        Hardship payment for tenants in need of financial support for a particular need
•        Home Schooling Equipment for a child or student
•        Items to Support Key Workers carry out their roles 

Direct purchases may include, for example, mobile phones with Top-Up credit, tablets or other equipment or household items required by the applicant. Items can be purchased on the applicants behalf, based upon the capacity of the applicant to maximise the use of the money and be comfortable purchasing directly themselves. 

Evidence of best value for money should be detailed, particularly for the purchase of specific items and, ideally, a link to the item proposed; for example a washing machine, with a brief justification of the price range selected.

If you have any questions before you apply, or questions about your application, get in touch with us:
Tel: 0141 881 0638
To proceed with your application, please fill in the following questions.