Have your say by 11.59pm on 13 September 2022
We are asking local people to share their views on the proposed new Community Diagnostics Centres in north east London.

You don’t have to answer the whole survey if you don’t want to – giving your views will help shape our final plans.

Please read our consultation document to understand what the main proposals are before answering the survey. www.eastlondonhcp.nhs.uk/communitydiagnosticcentres

If you are responding on behalf of an organisation or you are representative of service users/the public e.g. an MP or councillor, your response may be made available for public scrutiny.

If you are responding in a personal capacity:
  • and you would like to be kept informed of our work then please insert your name and contact details on the questionnaire.
  • your response (but not your personal details) will be shared with decision-makers to enable them to consider your views fully and we may publish unidentifiable quotes from your response in order to illustrate public views.
  • your views will be taken into account whether or not you provide your name and personal details.