The term ‘Community Engagement’ is often used to describe activities that look to involve community members in decision-making, and the design and sometimes the delivery of services and facilities.

Aberdeenshire Council, in partnership with the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership and Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership, would like to find out how they can involve you in decisions and services.

We are asking for your help to shape the way we work together to create a vision for the future which continues to strengthen your involvement in local decisions-making.

At the moment we are looking for information you feel should be included in a new strategy which will focus on how we work together. Views are being sought from community groups, third sector organisations, and employees from across Aberdeenshire.

Information you share with us will help us prepare a draft version of the strategy which will be shared with you later in the year. We will then hold further talks with groups/organisations about the feedback received before going through the council’s formal approval process.

There are National Standards for Community Engagement which are good-practice principles designed to support and inform community engagement taking place, and improve what happens as a result. These standards have been recently updated and it is proposed to include the standards in the revised Community Engagement Strategy

* 2. Have you heard of the National Standards from Community Engagement?

* 3. Are you aware of Aberdeenshire Council’s existing Community Engagement Strategy?

* 4. Can you give us an example of a time you have engaged with the council or community health services or the Community Planning Partnership (more information about members of the partnership is available here) to inform decision making and the experience was positive? (this could include budget engagement or engagement about local sports and leisure provision for example)

* 5. Why did you feel this worked well?

* 6. What difference did this make to you?