About This Survey

Target Group
This survey is targeted at people with strategic responsibilities for developing health policy or commissioning health services. 

There are other surveys targeted at people who work at the front line with people with physical or mental health problems, and those involved in directly delivering or managing the delivery of nature based health activities/ nature therapy. 

Terminology Used.

The terms used in this developing field are not yet standardised.

You may come across in the literature, or use yourself, terms such as 'green health' or 'blue health'.

For the purposes of this survey we use:

'Engagement with nature' to denote any engagement with nature, whether individually or as part of an organised programme.

'Nature based health activities' to denote any organised activities involving people engaging with nature with the purpose of improving their health and wellbeing.

'Nature therapy' as a subset of those activities, reflecting the wide current use of the term, and denoting activity intended to have a therapeutic effect on those engaging in it.

Data Protection

No personal information is collected through this survey. All data collected in the course of this research will be stored securely and deleted at the conclusion of the project. 

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