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We are committed to placing the views of local people at the heart of their National Health Service (NHS).   We would be very grateful if you could spend a few minutes reading the following information and answering a few quick questions. 

Your feedback is hugely valued and will be used to inform our plans.  

All responses will be treated confidentially. 


The seven GP practices in Christchurch and one in Southbourne (Marine & Oakridge) are working together to provide new, improved services to all patients registered with any of their practices. This group of GP practices is called Coastal Health GP Services.

This initiative will not affect the usual in-hours services already provided by your practice.

In response to local need and views, the idea is to create and offer an extended, local, out of hours service, operating from 17:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 20:00 at the weekend and bank holidays. The service will be GP-led and would complement the existing ‘111’ service during these hours.


There is concern that too many patients are attending the local hospital Emergency Department (ED) when alternative treatment may be more appropriate. Urgent / life threatening conditions clearly require a ‘999’ call; all other calls should be to ‘111’ outside of surgery times.

The proposal is that Coastal Health GP Services would take over responsibility for ‘111’ calls locally between 17:00 and 20:00 Monday to Friday, and 08:00 to 20:00 weekends and bank holidays; resulting in a GP-led service being available beyond the usual surgery times and at weekends, taking phone calls to discuss the most appropriate course of action. These calls may still result in an ED admission, but would also provide an opportunity to visit a more local surgery to be examined by a GP; or simply the reassurance that an in-hours appointment with a GP at your usual surgery is all that is necessary.

What it means for patients (local people?)

Although you may discuss your symptoms with a clinician from a different practice, all the GPs involved will have shared access to your medical records and will be able to see current medication, recent notes and test results, and be able to record their own notes and diagnosis, which can be seen by your practice. If necessary they will be able to schedule a follow up appointment with your own GP practice during the usual in-hours service.

Patients can therefore expect a more local, focused discussion of their symptoms, with someone who has access to their medical record and can take an informed, clinical decision about what treatment is most appropriate.


It is important for us to seek the views of people who live in Christchurch. We would like to know what you think of our plans. We would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions. Your feedback will be used to inform our plans. 

THANK YOU once again for your time.

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* 1. Do you support our plans to extend services as described above?

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* 3. If "Yes" please tell us what you think is positive about the plans described.

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* 4. If "No" please tell us why.

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* 5. Is there anything else you think we should consider when planning this new service?

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* 6. Please feel free to provide us with any additional comments or feedback.

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* 7. What is the name of your GP practice?