The NHS has improved significantly over the years with more advanced and high-cost treatments becoming available which support patients to live longer and dramatically improve their quality of life. This is good news, but also increases demand for health services. It means that we must make some tough decisions about health priorities.

Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group spends more than £600 million each year to ensure local people receive the healthcare they need. We are committed to delivering safe, high quality local health services, but must keep within our budget. Demand for services and associated costs such as medicines, treatments and the staff needed to provide them have increased.

As a result, there is a gap between the cost of healthcare in Coastal West Sussex and the money available to pay for it.

The challenge we now face is how to invest the available budget in ways that most benefits the health of the whole population, and represents good value for money.

We would like to hear your views about how we face this challenge. All your responses are anonymous.  If you would like to contact us directly about this, or do the survey over the phone or in another format, please email or call 01903 708411.

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