1. Welcome to your Values Assessment

Assessing our values can be an enlightening part of the coaching process.  Looking at what is truly important to us helps us understand who we are and what we need to have in our lives.  Also, it can highlight areas that we may have been neglecting, overemphasising or having conflict about. Once we understand our values and why they are so essential to our wellbeing we are able to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Each value has three areas to consider

1. importance;
2. presence; and
3. whether you actively choose this value to have importance for you or that you feel obligated to give this value importance.

  • The first area is for how important it is to you in your life. There are no right or wrong answers here, go with your instinctive response. Answer in terms of what that value means to you and how relevant and important it is to you. Each value is as you interpret it from your own personal point of view. For example, some people see the value of “beauty” as physical attractiveness, some as art and others link it to the natural world. All these perceptions are correct, as they are all personal to the person completing the assessment.
  • The second area relates to how present this is in your life right now. You may have rated the value of “fun” as ‘essential to my well being’ in terms of importance, but feel that you are not having much fun at the moment, so give the presence a rating of ‘Not present at all and I would like to address this’. This difference gives us a starting point to explore what is happening for you and what you would like to change. It can also link to any feelings of disconnection or emptiness. If something is essential to our wellbeing and it is not present in our lives, then there is going to be an impact on us.
  • The third area is for whether you actively choose the value as having importance in your life, whether you feel an obligation to recognise it or that it's not relevant to you. If we look at the value of “achievement”, is this significant to you because it is a conscious choice, or is it something that you feel should be important to you as it is predominant in society, your culture, your family or your background? There are times when we take on the values of others because it is expected of us, but this can cause conflict, both internally and externally.
Some values may mean a lot to you and others not so much.  Good news, this is absolutely normal and completely without judgment.  As we are all unique, we will all respond to values differently. 
Enjoy taking this first step into your coaching experience,  if anything in particular comes up for you whilst doing the assessment make a note of it as this is something we can explore in our next session.  The assessment will take you 15-20 minutes to complete.

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