Hello! You are receiving this because you make CoCoast happen, and we want to understand what you have enjoyed and what has been challenging or frustrating for you. This survey will help us understand your experience as a citizen scientist in Capturing our Coast, so that we can improve future activities and initiatives.

Your participation in this evaluation is voluntary, and you may choose to withdraw at any time during the survey. If you close the window, any data provided up until that point will not be kept, or you can skip forward to the end and select “Done” to submit any data you have entered. Your confidentiality will be protected during and after the evaluation. All the information you provide in this form is confidential and anonymous to the extent any data such as names, physical or contact addresses, or other individual identifiers will be confidential and held on a secure database by the research team only, and anonymised for any publication. This survey adheres to the Capturing our Coast data protection policy, which can be viewed in full here.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. If you have a concern about any aspect of this study, please contact the evaluation team who will do their best to answer your questions. Contact Cindy Regalado on

As an extra thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey, we will randomly select seven survey respondents to win a £50 gift card. If you would like to be entered into the draw, please add your email address on the last page, which will only be used to contact the winners, and otherwise kept separate.