About This Survey

The Ideas Alliance CIC are working with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to help them find out about what it means to spend time or live somewhere that is described as a ‘closed culture’.

PLEASE NOTE - The aim of this survey is to record details of people who would like to talk to one of our trained community reporters about their experiences of closed cultures. 

In order for us to be able to contact you please make sure you tell us your contact details. 

Page 1 - This tells you what we mean by the term 'closed culture'

Page 2 - Asks for your consent for us to use the information you tell us in this survey

Page 3 - Asks if you want to tell us your story now in writing

Page 4 - Tells you about other ways you can tell us your story

Page 5 - Asks you to tell us how to contact you and how you would like to tell your story

Page 6 - Asks some other questions about you. Please tick prefer not to say if you do not want to answer these questions.

What is a ‘closed culture’?
A closed culture is a poor culture in a health or care service that increases the risk of harm. This includes abuse and human rights breaches. The development of closed cultures can be deliberate or unintentional – either way it can cause unacceptable harm to a person and their loved ones.

Some examples include:
  • being locked out of a room or space that is yours
  • being locked in a space
  • not being able to see your friends or family
  • being made to get out of bed or go to bed when you don’t want to
  • a member of staff hurting you
  • people controlling your choices and money
  • having to have meals that are chosen for you and given at specific times

These things can happen in places such as
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