Thank you very much for participating in this brief survey. This version is designed for clients (coachees) who are having or have had coaching. 
We have been struck by the limited knowledge about the importance and impact of contracting on coaching relationships.  By contracting we mean considerations such as (these are not exhaustive):

  1. the agreements around what coaching is and isn't
  2. what the outcomes (objectives) of the coaching might be
  3. how the outcomes of coaching will be measured and evaluated
  4. use of tools such as 360-degrees questionnaires
  5. the role of the manager/HR or other stakeholders in the coaching
  6. boundaries such as between coaching and therapy
  7. how often you will meet
  8. what will happen between sessions
  9. agreements around cancellations and postponements
  10. data protection including note-taking
  11. discussing confidentiality and in what circumstances it might be compromissed however slightly (such as health, safety and well-being; the coach's own supervision; breaches of company policy)
  12. what will happen if the coaching is or isn't successful

We would be grateful to hear your experience of this as a client (coachee).  It is something that is discussed by coaches in their supervision and to find out more we have set up three investigative studies: this one for clients (coachees), and also one for coaches and one for supervisors of coaches.  We plan to share the findings widely. 
We will hold the survey open until at least Sunday 16th December 2018.  When you are ready to start answering the questions, please click the "NEXT" button below. 
If you have any questions please contact one of us. 
Thank you very much for getting involved,
David and Eve
November 2018
Professor David Clutterbuck:
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