The Citizens Theatre is committed to ensuring that everyone can access its work and contribute to it, irrespective of age, gender, sexuality, race, religion or disability.

To help us understand if we are offering a fair and equal service to everyone in our community and engaging a diverse range of people in the life of our theatre, we need to collect personal data across what are known as the protected characteristics (these are: Age, Disablility, Gender reassignment, Marriage and Civil partnership, Pregnancy and maternity, Race, Religion and belief, Sex, Sexual orientation). This allows us to continue to broaden the reach of our work to bring benefit to more people. 

This information will be kept in the strictest confidence and for statistical purposes only. All data is anonymously stored. 

The provision of information is entirely voluntary and will have no impact on the outcome of your application.

* 1. Position applied for:

* 2. Do you consider yourself to be:

* 3. How would you describe your ethnic origin?
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* 4. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

* 5. What age are you?

* 6. Do you consider yourself to be:

* 7. Are you a Gaelic Speaker?