Caring in Hertfordshire 2018 Survey

You may have heard about the National State of Caring Survey undertaken by Carers UK which takes place each year, but we would like to look at the local picture and see how it compares to the whole country.  This survey will look into the impact that caring has on carers' finances, health and ability to live their own lives.  The information you give will provide vital evidence to funders and local decision makers as to why carers should be supported.  The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete depending on the level of detail that you wish to provide.  It is anonymous, but there is a gift voucher draw for those who give their contact details at the end.
If you would prefer to complete this by phone, please contact us to arrange a time to call you back so we cover the cost of the longer call.  01992 58 69 69.
If you have never been a carer for someone, or your caring role came to an end more than 3 years ago, please do not complete this questionnaire.  Thank you.

* 1. Are you currently caring for someone?

* 2. If No, how long ago did you stop active caring?

This survey is aimed at those who are currently caring, but we would still like to hear about your past experiences of caring, so please do complete the rest of the survey.

* 3. Do you currently receive a copy of Carewaves?  (This is a six monthly magazine for carers which you may receive by email or post)

* 4. If not, would you like to receive information and have access to our services? (If you complete this survey anonymously, we will not be able to follow this up)

* 5. How did you receive this survey?