The children’s blood test clinic for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, which is also known as the Paediatric Phlebotomy Service, is available for babies, children and young people up to the age of 16 whose GP has referred them for a blood test. This specialist service operates from three clinics in Leicester city: Braunstone Health and Social Care Centre, Westcotes Health Centre and Merlyn Vaz Health and Social Care Centre.  

At the moment, the service is run by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust under one contract. This contract is coming to an end in September 2018 so it is an opportunity to consider how this service could best be run in the future, and whether any changes are needed.

There are two options that we are considering.

1.     We can keep the children’s blood test clinic as one service and one contract as it is now. Depending on who wins the contract, the location of the clinics may change, but all blood tests would be carried out by the same provider.

2.     We could split the service into two and have two contracts. This would mean that the service for babies and children between 0 to 10 years would be delivered by a specialist provider. Children and young people between 10 and 16 could potentially have their service provided by a local GP practice. 

We are committed to buying and developing the best quality services we can for children, young people and their families, so we want to know what you think about the current children’s blood test clinic and what you may want in the future.

You can tell us what you think by completing the survey by Sunday 6th May 2018

*If you have not used the children’s blood test clinic but would like to give your views, please go to question 13

* 1. Thinking about the last time you needed to book an appointment at the children’s blood test clinic, did you receive information about the clinic before attending?

* 2. Do you think the time you waited to receive an appointment for your child’s blood test was acceptable?

* 3. Was it easy to book the blood test?

* 4. Please tell us how old the child was when having the most recent blood test:

Your most recent journey to the children’s blood test clinic:

* 5. Was the clinic easy to find?

* 6. How did you travel to the clinic?

About the clinic you visited 

* 7. Which clinic did you attend at your most recent visit?

* 8. How happy were you with the service you received?

* 9. Did the staff in the clinic make your child feel better about having a blood test?

* 10. Did you have a discussion or receive information about would happen next after your child’s blood test?

* 11. What is the overall rating you would give this clinic based on your most recent personal experience?

* 12. If applicable, please tell us of anything that you liked about the service:

* 13. Please tell us of any way that we could improve the service:

* 14. Please tell us what you think about the proposal that we split the service into two and have one specialist service for babies and children aged 0-10 years and another for children and young people aged 10-16 years.