The SDG2 Advocacy Hub aims to build a community of chefs around the world, equipped with a simple set of actions to drive progress against the food issues that matter most to them.

Over the last 4 months, 130+ chefs from 38 countries have co-created a Chefs’ Manifesto. Developed by chefs, for chefs, the Manifesto outlines the food system issues that chefs are most passionate about tackling. We introduced the Manifesto on World Food Day in October 2017 with a series of social media assets which were seen by over a million people around the world.   

The next step is to develop a simple set of actions that underpin the Manifesto. This Action Plan will give practical guidance to help chefs engage in activities that contribute to the SDGs while also providing an opportunity to showcase existing best practices, campaigns and innovations.  

Once finalized, the Action Plan will be housed on the SDG2 Advocacy Hub website – with links to case studies, campaigns and further information about each thematic area and activity.

In this way, the SDG2 Advocacy Hub will become ‘one-stop shop’ to help chefs showcase their work, share ideas and point the way to useful resources and initiatives.

Drawing on input from workshops and online responses, we have developed a draft Action Plan around the 8 thematic areas featured in the Manifesto.  We have highlighted which SDGs are principally relevant to each thematic area.

This survey is your opportunity to feedback on the draft Action Plan.    Many thanks for your input.

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* 5. Please click here to look at the draft Action Plan. It is organised into the 8 thematic areas of the Manifesto. If you have comments on the actions - please include under the relevant thematic area below.

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Many thanks for your thoughts. Please note that the details you share in the questionnaire will only be used for the purposes of developing the Manifesto and connecting  you with the SDG2 Advocacy Hub's work. You can revoke your permission at any time by emailing