The SDG2 Advocacy Hub is facilitating a community of chefs around the world, equipped with a simple set of actions to drive progress against the food issues that matter most to them. 
We believe that by working together, we can help deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals and provide a better food system for all.

Over 340 chefs from 58 countries drafted a toolkit that synthesises the Global Goals into 8 THEMATIC AREAS:

1.         Ingredients grown with respect for the earth and its oceans

2.         Protection of biodiversity and improved animal welfare

3.         Investment in livelihoods

4.         Reduce waste and value natural resources

5.         Celebration of local, seasonal food

6.         A focus on plant-based ingredients

7.         Education on food safety, healthy diets and nutritious cooking

8.         Nutritious food that is accessible and affordable for all

From these 8 areas, chefs have created simple ACTIONS to provide a practical guide that chefs can use to deliver change through their kitchens, classrooms and communities. These actions can be seen here.

Chefs are already leading a lot of great activity around food issues. Through our community we want to profile some of this work, share learnings and best practice and empower chefs everywhere to be SDG2 advocates.

And we want more chefs to join our community. If you're interested in helping shape chef action for a better food future, we want to hear from you!

As this survey is no longer in use, we kindly ask you to head to our website at to sign up and join our network! 

Question Title

* 1. What ACTIONS do you think chefs can take to progress the THEMATIC areas above?

Many thanks for your thoughts!

Please note that the details you share in the questionnaire will only be used for the purposes of developing the Manifesto and connecting  you with the SDG2 Advocacy Hub's work. You can revoke your permission at any time by emailing