1. Thanks for taking the Charity Digital Skills Survey

Thanks for your interest in our survey. This year, we’re delighted to be supported by Catalyst, Comic Relief, The Clothworkers Foundation, M-hance and Digital Wonderlab

If you work for a charity or a non-profit organisation, social sector organisation or a funder, based in the UK we’d love to hear your views about your digital skills and support needs. 

Anyone can complete the survey. You can do it alone or with a team. We ask about digital in a very holistic way. This includes a range of questions about your overall organisational priorities, barriers and funding needs, as well as specific digital skills and challenges. 

It typically takes 20 minutes to complete. 

The survey closes on Friday 20th May at midnight (this has been extended from the 29th April).

Everything you tell us will help build the UK 2022 Charity Digital Skills Report, launching in July. Your answers are completely confidential and any data, insights or findings we publish will not be identifiable to you or your organisation in line with our privacy policy. At the end of the survey you can opt in for us to use your contact details to provide a case study, enter into the prize draws or receive a copy of the report.
Taking a break and returning to the survey (saving your responses)
You can leave and return to this survey. It saves the answers you have already given, once you have pressed 'submit' at the end of each page. In order for this setting to work properly, you must use the same device (e.g. the same phone, laptop or desktop computer) and the same web browser that you started the survey on. 

Prize Draw  
Thanks to support from The Clothworkers Foundation, we are also offering the chance to win unrestricted funding of £500 each for 3 eligible organisations, with an annual income of under £1million in your last financial year. This will be administered by The Clothworkers Foundation. You are are eligible if your organisation is either a:
  • Charity registered with the Charity Commission
  • Community Interest Organisation (CIO)
  • An ‘Exempt Charity’
  • A Community Interest Company (limited by guarantee without share capital)
All participants who complete the survey can also opt-in to a prize draw to win one of five £50 ethical shopping vouchers. You can enter into the prize draws at the end of the survey. 

Best wishes,

Zoe Amar (Zoe Amar Digital) and Nissa Ramsay (Think Social Tech)
8% of survey complete.