Celebrate Kilmarnock Application Form:

Participatory Budgeting (PB) started in Brazil in the 1980s and has grown throughout the world. PB lets communities decide how to spend pockets of funding or public budgets.

The Community Empowerment Scotland (Act) stipulates that communities have to be part of the local decision making and as such, the Scottish Government has made funds via the Community Choices Fund available for local authorities to pilot P B initiatives. This pot of money had to be match funded locally and we have secured funding from the East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership, which will allow 12 communities with Community Led Action Plans who will have access to up to £10,000 each, one of the areas chosen is Kilmarnock Town Centre and we are now inviting groups/individuals to submit an application.

This process is linked very closely to the Celebrate Kilmarnock Action Plan, with the themes, along with Health and Social Care themes making up the initial criteria for applications.

Who can apply? 
Applications are invited from groups, organisations and/or individuals in the Town Centre or those who live within the community catchment areas of Grange/Howard, Bonnyton and Piersland Bentinck Community Council areas. All ideas or projects must demonstrate that it would have a positive impact on the Town Centre or on those living or working in the Town Centre. Full details of who can apply are in the guidance notes. Please read carefully.

Please note, a constitution/bank account is not required to apply. 

How much can be applied for?

The maximum a project can apply for is £1,000. There is no minimum amount for applications.

Groups/individuals may only submit one application.
Next Step
Once submitted, applications will be reviewed by the local PB steering group. Successful groups will be invited to the event on 28 March where you will be given 3 minutes to present your project to the community, who will decide which projects are supported.

It is hoped that applicants will be told of the outcome of the vote on the night.

Unsuccessful applicants who do not receive any funding in this process will be offered support/advice from the Community Investment Team, Vibrant Communities.

For further information on the process, please refer to the guidance notes attached.

The Celebrate Kilmarnock Action Plan themes and priorities and Health and Social Care Partnership outcomes are available for  view or download at www.eac.eu/communityactionplans and https://www.east-ayrshire.gov.uk/Resources/PDF/H/HSC-Strategic-Plan-FINAL.pdf

Please return completed forms by 5pm on Wednesday 8th March to Vibrant Communities, Civic Centre South,
16 John Dickie Street, Kilmarnock KA1 1HW or email andy.colvin@east-ayrshire.gov.uk or online

                  Applications going through to the next round will be informed by Friday 17 March 2017

                                                   Please note late applications will not be accepted!

                                                                             Project proposal

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* 1. Please provide your contact details below?

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* 2. Describe your idea and where it will be delivered:

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* 3. How will your idea benefit the Town Centre:

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* 4. What will your idea achieve?

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* 5. When will you deliver your idea?

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* 6. Total cost of idea:
Please indicate how much you are applying for and provide a breakdown of how this will be used.

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* 7. If total cost exceeds £1,000, what other money/funding are you putting into your idea? (see guidance note 6)

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* 8. Are you a constituted group/organisation?

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* 9. Do you have a group bank account?

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* 10. If not, would you be seeking support from a host organisation?

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* 11. Which category does your project fit In?
Project must meet at least one of the Celebrate Kilmarnock Action Plan/Health and Social Care Partnership priorities listed below:  please tick the most  appropriate

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* 12. East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership - Key Outcomes

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* 13. Please use the space for extra information:

Applications should be returned to: Andy Colvin, Community Worker, Vibrant Communities, Civic Centre South, 16 John Dickie Street, KILMARNOCK KA1 1HW

Or email to: andy.colvin@east-ayrshire.gov.uk

By 5pm on Wednesday 8 March 2017