After such a challenging year, the annual care farming (and green care) survey is now more important than ever, and we need your help : 
  • To discover the effect that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on our sector
  • To continue promoting care farming and lobbying on your behalf 
  • To highlight the role that care farming and green care can play in the nation's mental health recovery post Covid
The more care farms (and green care providers) that participate in this survey, the more accurate our data and the more credibility we have to represent your needs to policy makers and funders.
We have a history of gathering information on the 'state of play' of the care farming sector and of working closely with care farmers such as yourselves - and because of this we were successful in gaining Government funding for the Growing Care Farming project - to build the capacity and infrastructure of our sector.
We know that the referral and commissioning environment for care farming services is complex and that accessing consistent, reliable funding for delivering care farming services is particularly challenging. In order to communicate your needs, tackle referral blockages and push for additional funding sources, we need to understand the picture better - and that's where our survey comes in.
We simply can't do it without you - so please help us, to help you - by participating in our survey
Many thanks!
Ultimately, the more we can do together to support the care farming and wider green care sector,  the more people will have an opportunity to benefit from care farming services.