Impact of the Care Act Survey 2016
Complete this survey if you or someone you care for has accessed adult social care in Shropshire.
This survey is made up of questions that are designed to find out how people have been affected by recent changes in adult social care legislation (the Care Act 2014). 

All responses are anonymous and confidential.


Definition of adult social care

If you’re elderly, disabled or have an illness, you may be able to get care and support arranged by your local council to help you live as normally as possible.

This help could include:

·         Adaptations to your home, for example a stair lift

·         Equipment like a jar gripper

·         Day centres

·         Help in your home e.g. with dressing, eating, getting out and about

·         Money to arrange and pay for your own care

·         24 hour care at a care home or a house with a care scheme



Closing date 31st December 2016