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This survey enables you to fulfil your organisation's carbon emissions reporting obligation as a Creative Scotland RFO. Due to the exceptional circumstances we are all currently working in, we have opened this survey slightly earlier than usual to allow your organisation to fit carbon reporting flexibly around your evolving work. In July, we will be in touch to ask for an update about progress on your organisation's Carbon Management Plan. 

If you would like support with completion, please contact Creative Carbon Scotland Carbon Management Planning Officer, who will be happy to help. 

You will be able to return to the survey to complete it at another time, but you must ensure cookies are enabled on your browser and that you are using the same browser and the same link in order to do so.

All data required are specific to the period 1st April 2019-31st March 2020. You are advised to have the following information available to complete the survey:
  • Your contact details and your Creative Scotland Lead Officer's name
  • Key information about your organisation, including building use and utilities billing arrangements
  • Utilities: All quantitative data on your organisation's consumptions of electricity, heating fuel and water (in kWh, litres and cubic metres depending on source)
  • Travel: Calculated travel emissions in kgCO2e from all business travel (travel caused for or paid for by your organisation)
  • Waste: All quantitative data on the waste your organisation recycled or disposed of to landfill (in kg, bin bags, or tonnes)
  • Freight: Any information you have about your organisation's use of freight. This is not currently a reporting requirement, but something we seek to understand better that we would value your help with

Please note: We will calculate your emissions from Utilities and Waste from the data you supply. Only travel data needs to be entered as calculated carbon emissions in kgCO2e.

Guidance for understanding your emissions is available on our website
14% of survey complete.