The Alliance is pleased to invite its members to submit proposals for potential research projects. This invitation is designed to enable the Alliance to serve its members by enabling vital but un-resourced research projects to be undertaken. The support the Alliance may offer in response to proposals may extend to the identification of funding opportunities or project sponsorship and/or the allocation of Alliance expertise to project delivery.

Members should understand that proposals will be subject to review and any support provided will be at the Alliance’s exclusive discretion. If a project is considered appropriate for further exploration, this in no way guarantees the Alliance will be applying internal capacity and resources toward project delivery.

Who can submit a proposal?

Proposals can come from any member of the Alliance. Proposals of interest submitted from non-members will only be considered for progression should the member be eligible for membership and the uptake of membership be forthcoming.

What do we mean by a proposal?

The Alliance wishes to make the development and delivery of research as accessible as possible. In this spirit, a ‘proposal’ is merely a statement outlining a possible course or topic of research that the proposer(s) believe would benefit them or the wider sector.

In particular, the Alliance invites ideas that link to at least one of the four key strategic objectives in our new strategy, ‘Support. Recover. Achieve.’ The strategic objectives reflect our core role as the representative body for sport and recreation, and are listed as follows:
  1. Champion the economic, social, health and wellbeing benefits of sport and recreation.
  2. Protect and promote our members’ interests as the independent voice of sport and recreation.
  3. Lead and support our members to be more diverse and inclusive.
  4. Help our members to adapt to change and become more sustainable.
Read more about Support. Recover. Achieve.

There is currently no closing date – proposals will be reviewed on a first come first served basis and can be submitted at any time.
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How will we use your data? Sport and Recreation Alliance will be the controller of your data, in full compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018. We will record your information for the purpose of reviewing, processing, and contacting you regarding your research project idea. We will not pass your information on to any other third party without obtaining your prior permission.