Welsh Tenants

Welsh Tenants are due to present themselves for questioning to the National Assembly for Wales Finance committee regarding regulation of the registered social landlord sector (housing associations and Large Scale voluntary transfer LSVTs) the following questions. This is not as a analytical survey, purely to ensure that we have your views on regulatory issues in mind when preparing our response.  

* 1. What are you views regarding the effectiveness and quality of governance arrangements in Wales

Please briefly outline your (+/-) views regarding the effectiveness and quality of governance arrangements for HAS / LSVTs. [You may want to consider current arrangements for electing tenants, councillors on LSVTs (golden share), or other board member constituencies, gender balance, representativeness of communities, support, training, timescales of board members etc.

* 2. What are your views regarding having chief executives, senior directors, staff members on boards, including whether board members should be paid.

* 3. What are your views regarding ‘shareholders’ and whether they provide a useful role, what would you like to see change etc.

* 4. What are your views regarding the current Welsh Government regulatory regime, is it effective at managing and mitigating sector wide risks; (risk might include welfare reform, commercial interests, access to loans, reputational risks, governance risks, these are not exhaustive for a full list see:


* 5. The effectiveness of the co-regulatory approach in practice;

Please state whether co-regulation has been impactful or, if there are any positive or negative aspects to co-regulation that you would have us consider in our response. Please list any =/- aspects including transparent, tenant involvement scrutiny or challenge, better services, etc.

* 6. The remuneration of senior executives of housing associations

* 7. Any other issues you might want us to raise

* 8. Your Name and Organisation

* 9. Town

* 10. HA/LA