Victora Park Lodge survey

There is an opportunity to bring the park lodge back into more regular use.  We want to find out what local people think are the priorities for the building.

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* 1. Vision:

To make the Victoria Park Lodge into a thriving, multi-use building that enhances the green spaces of the park.

Do you support this vision?

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* 2. What could be improved about this vision?

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* 3. Expectations:

The building is owned by Bristol City Council and is currently in a dilapidated state. It needs investment. Any plan to bring the park lodge back into regular use needs to:

·         Provide a return to Bristol City Council (either sale price or income from a lease).
·         Provide community facilities that enhance the green spaces of the park.
·         Provide a commercial return that can sustain all of the above.
·         Complement other places in the neighbourhood.

What other aspects need to be addressed?

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* 4. Potential community facilities

  Must have Nice to have Don't want Don't know
Public toilets
A kiosk or café facility
An area of sheltered seating
An area of indoor seating
Support for ongoing park activities (eg office or storage space)
Storage area for park works
Community room to hire
Visitor centre for the park (displays of heritage, flora, fauna)
Changing rooms
Additional buildings in the vicinity

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* 5. Potential commercial activities

  Desired OK Not wanted Don't know
Café or kiosk
Room to hire
Holiday let (eg top floor)
Residential let (eg top floor)
Whole building commercial (eg with extra buildings for loos, kiosk, or other)
Outdoor learning (eg forest school, therapeutic horticulture)
Child-care nursery

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* 6. Any other comments?