"It's Your Burghfield"

This questionnaire is part of an important process of community consultation being carried out by Burghfield Parish Council to determine its vision and strategy for the future of Burghfield that reflects, so far as is possible and practicable, the wishes of the residents. 

In order to understand the views of residents on a wide range of community matters, and to be as inclusive as possible, the parish council decided that a parish questionnaire was required to determine its 5 year improvement plan. 

The questionnaire aims to provide the parish with information about the parish, setting out how the community wants to develop over the next 5 years. It ensures that all parish council decisions relating to the use of parish assets and amenities are made on the basis of clear evidence of what the majority of the community want for the parish. It also highlights other matters that require attention as a matter of priority. 

Questionnaires can be completed ONLINE by following the link below. Please ensure you enter your UNIQUE IDENTIFIER listed below. Alternatively, return your completed questionnaire using the enclosed pre-paid envelope. 


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