Reviewing our Plan


We’d like children and young people to tell us how we should work over the next few years. 

Please note there will be a separate adult survey coming soon. Check our website.

Bruce Adamson is the new Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland. His job is to make sure children and young people understand their rights, and that those rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled.

The Commissioner must set out the work his office will do in a document called a Strategic Plan.

This explains what issues we are going to work on and how we are going to do our job.

We would like to hear directly from children and young people about what they want us to focus on.

There are only five questions and we would love you to give us your views.

You can choose to leave this survey at any time. All your views will be anonymous.

* 1. What qualities or skills does the Children and Young People’s Commissioner need to do his job? What one word or phrase comes to mind?
Please type your answer in the box below:

* 2. The list below shows some of things that the Children and Young People’s Commissioner does. How important do you think they are?
Please rank them from 1 to 6 with 1 being the most important and 6 being the least important. You can only use each number once. 

* 3. The Children and Young People’s Commissioner wants children and young people to help him do his job. Which, if any, of the following things should children and young people be involved in?
Please select up to three boxes.

* 4. If you were able to meet the Children and Young People’s Commissioner, what is the one issue that you would want to talk to him about?
Please type in the box below:

* 5. Finally, when we look at all your views, it would be helpful to know your age. Please complete the following, if you wish.

Thank you for sharing your views!
The Commissioner's team