Accessing customer service at City of York Council

The City of York Council Plan 2015 – 2019 commits to improving the Council’s Customer Centre to ensure resident’s queries are responded to quickly and effectively. People tend to access council services as a result of a life event (e.g. move, bereavement, ill health) or, to report a problem with a service or an issue with their environment e.g. missed bin, pot holes, street cleansing). This is why it is important we respond quickly and effectively.

The Customer Centre at City of York Council responded to almost 300,000 enquiries during 2016-2017.  96% of telephone calls were answered and, 75% of those were answered within 20 seconds.  On arrival at West Offices, 75% of residents are seen within 10 minutes.  In a challenging financial climate, these are the two most expensive ways for residents to contact us.

Although people continue to contact us by phone and in person, resident’s behaviour is changing.  More and more residents are choosing alternative, cheaper ways to access Council Services e.g. during 2016-2017;
  • Over  67,000 accessed an individual or service using our automatic operator facility
  • Circa 21,000 customers paid for a service using the automated payment facility and,
  • 50% of street lighting and cleansing issues have been reported online.
90% of households in Yorkshire and Humber have internet access yet; only 32% access a public service site. We want more people to access Council services digitally by choice and, to offer support for those who are unable to access our services in this way.

By completing this survey, you will provide useful information which will be used to inform the future approach to the continued delivery of excellent customer service at City of York Council.