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The impact of the pandemic has been unprecedented.
Together, we have reduced the spread of the virus, supported local businesses and protected one another. Now we must face difficult financial challenges, so we can accelerate York’s recovery and continue to deliver value for money services.

Despite the government’s promise to give councils everything we need to respond to the pandemic, we face a significant budget gap of over £15 million, an issue that has been compounded by successive years of government funding cuts.

Whilst we have provided support for those who need it most since the start of the pandemic, the full economic effects of coronavirus on our communities have not yet been fully felt. As furlough and job support schemes come to end, the full demand for funding remains unknown.

So our initial focus for our 2021/22 budget is to stabilise our financial position, allowing us to deliver services and support local communities. We will continue our £600m capital investment programme to accelerate economic recovery, whilst continuing to support local residents, businesses and communities.

To help us make these tough decisions, we want to hear what’s important to you.
You can get involved by completing this survey by 31 January 2021.

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