The London Borough of Bexley is reviewing a range of issues near schools. 

We would like your views on the different ideas before we put anything in place. There are a few different options to consider.

We have already put yellow school zig zag ‘Keep Clear’ markings outside most of the schools in the borough, but we can still look into other ways of improving things.  We can also look at ways to make it easier to walk to and from school and help people to choose more active ways of travelling, manage parking and reduce noise and pollution levels near schools.

We can easily measure things like traffic levels, parking and pollution, but we need to have your views in general in the first part of the survey below, and about individual schools on the second part to help us understand what is most important to you.

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* 1. Have a look at the list below. Please rank the factors in order of priority with 1 being the most important to address and 6 being the least important.

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* 2. Different measures are aimed at different activities or behaviour near schools such as speed of traffic, parking and pollution/health.  Below are measures that can be considered:

With a specific Bexley road or school in mind please answer the below. Please think about this carefully, there are obviously schools on some roads where banning traffic will not be possible and changing a speed limit will not affect the choice of transport. A lower speed limit would not be necessary where congestion means traffic already moves very slowly, but one may be needed if parking restrictions enable safe but improved traffic movement. 

Please let us know in the boxes below which of the options you think would provide the most benefit - ranking them 1 to 6 with 1 being the highest priority.

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* 3. Please let us know which school or road(s) you are commenting on. if responding officially on behalf of a school please confirm your role

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* 4. Finally, to help us with our study please complete the following

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* 5. Please let us know if you drive to or from the school with children.

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* 6. Please use the comment box below for further comments

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